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Open Source Voxel Editor for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. ... This is the official website of the 3D voxel editor Goxel. By restricting the volume along a 3D ...

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Linux Kodachi

Linux Kodachi is An easy-to-use live system that can be run from a DVD, USB stick, SD card or in a virtual environment on almost any computer. Linux Kodachi creates a fully functioning operating system exclusively in memory and leaves no traces after the system shuts down. All connections to networks are established via a VPN and the Tor network with DNScrypt without exception. Linux knowledge is not required

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Lubuntu is a free operating system derived from Ubuntu. It benefits from the same qualities in terms of ease of installation and use.
Lubuntu uses the LXQT desktop environment which is very light, which can revive very old computers.

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Manjaro Linux

Manjaro Linux is a GNU / Linux distribution that combines the technical excellence of Arch Linux with the goal of ease of use and handling.

Not as well documented as Arch Linux and its legendary wiki, most of this documentation is still valid for Manjaro.

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Developed by Northern.tech (US / Norway), Mender is a solution for remote updating of embedded systems based on Linux.
Mender's main objective is to participate in securing connected objects by providing them with a simple and robust update process.

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 Mobian is an open-source project aimed at bringing Debian GNU/Linux to mobile devices.
The project is driven by a community of volunteer developers and users and it is not a registered organization. It has been founded by @a-wai.
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NetGuard is the only free and open source non-root Android firewall.
A quality firewall allows you to reduce the consumption of mobile data, save some battery and above all improve the protection of your privacy.

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The behavior of OpenOS is to automatically mount filesystems in the /mnt directory, with the first 3 or more unique letters of its address .

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The Austrian company Proxmox Server Solutions GmbH develops specialised server software based on Debian, such as Proxmox Virtual Environment, an open source virtualisation platform, Proxmox Mail Gateway, a professional mail server solution with anti-spam and anti-virus functions, and - since November 2020 -Proxmox Backup Server, a solution for central data backup and synchronisation of multiple locations. All these products are offered as downloads for free use. Support, on the other hand, is subject to a fee.

Official Website

ProxMox VE - Virtual Environment

ProxMox VE - Virtual Environment - is a hypervisor allowing the management of virtual machines (KVM) and Linux containers (LXC) on a single physical machine. The resources (CPU, memory, disks, etc.) are then shared between the different VMs. It is free software licensed under the AGP license.

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