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ABStock allows you to show the catalog of an online bookstore. This allows customers to see what's on the shelf, make their selection and order. The bookseller can also choose a list of books to highlight.

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AMC - Auto Multiple Choice

Auto Multiple Choice is a set of utilities to automatically create, manage and correct multiple choice quizzes (MCQ). It is free software distributed under the GPLv2 + license.
- Formatting by LaTeX
- Questions and answers
- Automatic correction from scans of copies
- Rating

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Simplify e-learning with Chamilo LMS.

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Created in 2000 at the Catholic University of Louvain (UCL), Claroline is the second most commonly used online learning application in Europe. It is easy to use, owing in part to its lesser functional depth in comparison to Moodle. It should be noted that it gave rise to the Dokeos fork (now under corporate management), which in turn gave rise to the promising fork of Dokeos 1.8.6, Chamilo.

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Claroline Connect

Claroline Connect is a Learning Management System, that is to say a learning management software, free and downloadable for free. He wants to be a facilitator of access to knowledge by harnessing the power of technology, putting your creativity as the only limit and developing a multi-level collaborative tool.

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Share your organisation’s knowledge with Dokeos online learning solutions.

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DokuWiki will allow you to set up easy-to-access documentation. This CMS manages users, version history, media and / or document management as well as a very powerful plugins system.
DokuWiki can be installed on any environment supporting PHP (online server, personal workstation for sharing on the home network) without needing to manage a database because everything is stored on pages in 'txt' format: this aspect in fact one of the easiest Wiki CMS to install and use.

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eXeLearning is an exerciser for elearning. eXeLearning allows you to easily create learning sequences, stand-alone or for any educational platform (LMS or LCMS).

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Framasoft is a network of projects aimed at bringing more Free into everyone's life. Founded in 2001 around a free software directory, this network is supported by an association under the 1901 law accredited to youth and popular education (created in 2004).
Framasoft's actions revolve around 3 main axes:
    Free software: Framalibre (directory), Framakey (USB keys), FramaDVD, Framapack (installer), etc. ;
    Free culture: Framablog, Framabook (publishing house), Framalang (translation group), etc. ;
    Free services: the Déooglisons Internet project.

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GNU Octave

GNU Octave is a numerical calculation software (not algebraic) which can be considered as a free alternative to Matlab. Indeed, its syntax is that of Matlab and the latter's scripts are almost entirely compatible.

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